Laurie Ann Vasily

Head of Knowledge Management and Communication, Knowledge Management and Communication

My role at ICIMOD

I joined ICIMOD as Head of Knowledge Management and Communication (KMC) in January 2017 and have had opportunities to expand on my prior professional experiences in overseeing, facilitating, managing, and disseminating knowledge from and about Nepal and the HKH. I supervise an extremely talented and committed team whose work lives involve a vast diversity of partnerships, a balance of creativity and consistency, and consideration of both the inward looking and outward facing aspects of knowledge management and communication about the critical issues facing the HKH.

KMC is both at the heart of and circulating through the entire body of ICIMOD, acting as an essential resource for the Centre. We create, write, synthesize, design, edit, publish, promote and we listen, learn take note, share, engage, cooperate, collaborate, and facilitate.

Laurie Ann Vasily