Kiran Shakya

Geospatial Application Development Specialist, Geospatial Solutions

My role at ICIMOD

Kiran Shakya is a Nepali national joined ICIMOD as Remote Sensing Database Specialist under Mountain Environment Regional Information System (MENRIS) at ICIMOD. He has started his career at ICIMOD in early 2000. Mr Shakya holds a Master degree (MSc) in Photogrammetry and geo-informatics from Stuttgart University of applied sciences, Germany and Bachelor’s degree in engineering (B.E. in computer engineering) from Kathmandu University (KU), Nepal. He is a qualified professional with long experience in software development cycle, analysis design and development of spatial/non-spatial database, international standard metadata management, eco-system management, biodiversity conservation, climate change, GIS and remote sensing, capacity building and project management. He is also GIT expert of SERVIR-Himalaya, a joint initiative with NASA and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) for developing earth observation, monitoring, and visualisation systems that integrate satellite and other geospatial data for improved scientific knowledge and decision-making.

As a Senior GIS specialist, he has also worked with Survey & Land Registration Bureau (SLRB), Manama, Bahrain for two years. Leading the GIS team in developing various land-use related applications and quality control of SLRB GIS database. Similarly, he has worked with Himalayan InfoTech Services as Senior System Administrator for a year.

Kiran Shakya

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