Udayan Mishra

Communications Officer
Strategic Group 3 (SG3): Enabling Regional and Global Mechanisms for Sustainable Action

My role at ICIMOD

Udayan Mishra joined ICIMOD in 2010 and currently works as the Knowledge Management and Networking Officer. Mr Mishra is a Nepali national and earned his Masters in Engineering in Information and Communication Technologies from the Asian Institute of Technology(AIT), Thailand, with primary focus on Knowledge Management (KM), Human Computer Interaction (HCI), and Computer Mediated Communication (CMC). Prior to joining ICIMOD, he worked as a visiting researcher at the National Institute of Informatics (NII) based in Japan, and worked in the areas of KM and email-based communication. He was previously with ICIMOD as an Interim Node Manager for the Asia-Pacific Mountain Network (APMN) – the Asia-Pacific node of the Global Mountain Forum, during 2006-2007.

At ICIMOD, Mr Mishra helps strengthen policies and strategies for the adaptation and use of knowledge management and communications to increase the institutional understanding and awareness of KM as an organisational culture and knowledge as an institutional asset. He also assists to establish and strengthen knowledge and media partnerships with relevant agencies of the region and beyond, and coordinates and facilitates the management of regional and international events in close cooperation with ICIMOD’s regional progarmmes. As a primary focal point for Sustainable Mountain Development for Global Collaboration (SMD4GC) initiative, where ICIMOD serves as the regional technical and coordinating centre in the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region, Mr Mishra manages different communities of practices (CoPs), discussion lists, periodic thematic digests and online platforms. He also coordinates ICIMOD’s annual flagship youth event, the Asia Pacific Youth Forum, by engaging youth, media, civil society, and thematic experts in advocating sustainable mountain development (SMD) agenda with strategic partners.

An avid trekker, Mr Mishra has an interest in mountains and environmental issues, and also enjoys photography, music, and writing.

Udayan Mishra

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