The #HKH2Glasgow campaign amplifies mountain voices to promote ambitious climate action globally and in the HKH. It is supported by three work packages: evidence, policy engagement, and strategic communication and engagement.
The campaign aims to:

Promote ambitious climate action for the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) at COP26

Scale up investment in mountain-specific priorities

Asks – Our key messages

With this campaign, we are generating interest around three key messages from the HKH region based on a review of priorities of HKH countries (as reflected in the HKH Call to Action); climate policies and COVID recovery packages; and consultative engagement with key stakeholders of ICIMOD. These three key messages, or asks, are as follows:

Pulse of the planet

Recognize the HKH as the pulse of the planet - a region that is most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change

Mountains of opportunity

Invest in mountain-specific climate priorities to enhance the resilience of mountain communities

Power of 8

Harness the strength of the 8 HKH countries to enhance regional and international cooperation for climate action

Road to COP26

We are working with three stakeholder groups to design, promote, and deliver the three messages through the #HKH2Glasgow campaign:

We work with stakeholders in the RMCs to design, promote, and implement ambitious climate action in the HKH. Specific stakeholder groups in this category include:

  1. HKH High-Level Task Force members to review the progress of the HKH Call to Action and promote climate action
  2. UNFCCC National Focal Points to identify actions relevant to the HKH and areas of regional cooperation, and to amplify mountain voices in regional and global platforms (including UNFCCC processes, subsidiary bodies, and others)
  3. HKH Ministers and HKH Ambassadors to strengthen climate diplomacy to promote and deliver ambitious climate action
  4. Youth from the HKH and beyond to promote youth perspectives in mountain agenda for climate action

We work with the COP26 Presidency and the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) to promote mountain voices and ambitious climate action in the HKH. This includes strategic engagement with the following:

  1. Rt Hon Lord Zac Goldsmith (Minister for Pacific and the Environment, UK)
  2. Rt Hon Alok Sharma (COP26 President)
  3. Rt Hon Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP (UK International Champion on Adaptation and Resilience for COP26)
  4. Lord Tariq Ahmad (Minister for South Asia and the Commonwealth, UK)
  5. Ken O’Flaherty (Regional Ambassador for Asia Pacific and South Asia)

We work with friends of the HKH to amplify and support the implementation of ambitious climate action in the region. This includes work with:

  1. RMC governments
  2. Development partners
  3. Private sector entities supportive of low-carbon and climate-resilient targets
  4. Financial institutions – central banks and climate funds

News and features

COP26 engagements

Planned activities for COP26 in Glasgow, UK

S.N. Activities
1 HKH focus day at the Cryosphere Pavilion, on the second week of COP26, hosting 6–8 sessions focusing on the HKH, working closely with ICIMOD’s RMCs.
2 1 formal side event in the Blue Zone, in partnership with members of Adaptation at Altitude.
3 2 side events in the Green Zone, in partnership with members of Adaptation at Altitude and Adaptation Without Borders.
4 Digital exhibit with posters and films on the HKH.


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