Regional Database System (RDS)

The Regional Database System (RDS) ensures the integrated management of centre-wide data and information incorporating geospatial, socioeconomic, and multi-thematic data at different levels. This initiative will develop appropriate policies for facilitating data and information sharing and technical specifications for the design, development, and management of data and information systems. 

RDS will forge partnerships with a range of institutions and with other Regional Programmes and Initiatives for the development and operationalization of information systems. Common approaches and methodologies will be promoted for the generation, management, and dissemination of data on different thematic areas. Institution-wide policies and operational guidelines will be developed for the facilitation and promotion of data sharing in consultation with national institutions and stakeholders. This Initiative will collaborate with national, regional, and global partners for product development and dissemination using emerging technologies.


  • Synergize coordinated development and consolidate regional cooperation on data and information sharing
  • Develop an integrated information management framework to maintain database standards, format, and quality 
  • Design and development information systems for enhanced access and usability of regional databases
  • Develop operational information services including metadata services, multi-sensor and multi-temporal data products, value added information, and geospatial analysis 

Geographical coverage


National and regional centres for remote sensing applications; national statistical bureaus; and ICIMOD's Regional Programmes and Initiatives

Start date

January 2013


Sudip Pradhan
Programme Coordinator, Regional Database System