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19 Dec 2019 | Regional Database System

ICIMOD showcases its Regional Database System at the Open Data Expo

Access to timely, high-quality data is essential to promote and accelerate learning on the challenges facing mountain ecosystems and people. As a regional intergovernmental knowledge-based organization, ICIMOD places a premium on generation, curation, and sharing of data to relevant stakeholders.

In a bid to underpin awareness activities on data sharing and curation standards adopted at the institution, ICIMOD participated in the Open Data Expo at the Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM) in Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal, on 15 December 2019. ICIMOD set up an exhibit at the event and showcased its Regional Database System (RDS) – ICIMOD’s central data repository for different thematic areas in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region. Resource persons from ICIMOD showcased the RDS portal, a web-based portal developed to provide easy access to data stored on the RDS, and the newly launched Data Explorer application, which allows visualization of data as dynamic maps and charts and easy sharing of generated maps and charts on social media.

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ICIMOD set up an exhibit and showcased its Regional Database System (RDS) at the Open Data Expo (Photo: Sudip Pradhan/ICIMOD)

The expo also saw participation from open data initiatives/collectives – Clean Up NepalOpen Knowledge NepalYouth Innovation Lab; data solution providers – Young Innovations NepalRooster Logic Pvt. Ltd; and non-profit organizations – Collective Campaign for Peace (COCAP)CECI-Nepal, among others. The expo was organized by the Asia Foundation and the World Bank as a side event at the two-day Nepal Solveathon 2019 event, under the Department for International Development (DFID)-supported Nepal Data Literacy Program. The event brought together open-data enthusiasts, students, and other relevant stakeholders to share the current understanding and progress towards open-data platforms in Nepal. The expo aimed to connect data-based products with potential users and build relationships among the data community.

The Data Explorer application allows visualization of data as dynamic maps and charts and easy sharing of generated maps and charts on social media
The Data Explorer application allows visualization of data as dynamic maps and charts and easy sharing of generated maps and charts on social media


The RDS Initiative, under ICIMOD’s Regional Programme on Mountain Environment Regional Information System (MENRIS), develops and maintains the RDS. The Initiative has put in place ICIMOD’s Data Sharing Policy, data and metadata standards, and necessary hardware and software infrastructure. It also promotes free and open access to scientific information and knowledge philosophy, and facilitates open access and use of scientific and geospatial data. The RDS Initiative also allows partner organizations to host and share their data through the RDS portal.

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