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Dissemination workshop

Enhancing scientific data management and sharing


Local Government Engineering Department, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Date & Time

25 July 2022

About the workshop

Jointly with the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) in Bangladesh, we are organising this workshop to introduce our Regional Database System (RDS) and improving understanding about existing practices and requirements for enhanced scientific data management and sharing in Bangladesh.

Specifically, the workshop aims to achieve the following:

  • Introduce the RDS and share ICIMOD’s experience in data management and sharing
  • Showcase ICIMOD’s data visualisation applications and information systems
  • Improve understanding around existing systems and practices and seek stakeholders’ inputs on requirements with regards to management and sharing of scientific research data in the country
  • Discuss future collaboration on data management and sharing and applications development


Expected outcomes

Upon completion of the workshop, the participants will have a better understanding of the RDS and our data visualisation applications along with current data management and sharing practices and gaps in the country.

The workshop will also help identify future collaboration opportunities in the areas of management and sharing of research data and the development of data visualisation applications.


Expected participants

Representatives from key organisations involved in the creation, curation, and sharing of scientific research data in Bangladesh will participate.



Access to timely, high-quality data is essential to promote and accelerate learning on the challenges facing mountain ecosystems and people. As a regional intergovernmental knowledge-based organisation, ICIMOD places high importance on the generation, curation, and sharing of data to relevant stakeholders.

Through our RDS Initiative, under the Regional Programme on Mountain Environment Regional Information System (MENRIS), we have established the RDS, which acts as a central data repository for different thematic areas in the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region and provides easy access to these data through a web-based portal.

The RDS Initiative has put in place ICIMOD’s Data Sharing Policy, data and metadata standards, and necessary hardware and software infrastructure. The initiative collaborates with national, regional, and global partners to promote open access to scientific research data and extends the RDS infrastructure to allow partner organisations to host and share their data. The initiative provides technical assistance to institutions in ICIMOD Regional Member Countries in the design and development of data sharing platforms and extends help and guidance in developing information systems for interactive data visualisation and information dissemination.

The LGED is one of the largest public sector engineering agencies in Bangladesh. It plays a key role in the development of rural, urban, and water sector infrastructure in the country. It is involved in providing technical assistance, governance improvement, and capacity building of urban local bodies (municipalities and city corporations). The LGED also develops infrastructure databases, maps, technical specifications, manuals, etc. required for development projects.


Tentative agenda

Time Topic
09:00–10:00 Opening session
Registration (15 min)

Workshop overview and introduction of the participants (15 min) – Sudip Pradhan, Programme Coordinator – RDS Initiative, ICIMOD

Keynote speech (15 min) – Basanta Shrestha, Director of Strategic Cooperation, ICIMOD

Welcome remarks (5 min) – Sk. Md. Mohsin, Chief Engineer, LGED

Welcome remarks (5 min) – Pema Gyamtsho, Director General, ICIMOD

10:00–10:30 Group photo and break
10:30–12:30 Morning session
10:30–12:30 Introduction to the Regional Database System (30 min) – Sudip Pradhan, ICIMOD

Hands-on exercise on accessing data from RDS (30 min)

Data management and sharing experience in Bangladesh (60 min)

  • Partner presentation 1
  • Partner presentation 2
  • Partner presentation 3
12:30–13:30 Lunch break
13:30–15:30 Afternoon session
13:30–14:30 Data visualisation applications and information systems (15 min) – Sudip Pradhan, ICIMOD

Hands-on exercise on exploring data visualisation applications (45 min)

14:30–15:30 Discussion on future collaboration (45 mins)

Closing remarks (15 mins) – Birendra Bajracharya, Regional Programme Manager (ad interim) – MENRIS, ICIMOD