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Innovative geospatial solutions to address mountain issues


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Date & Time

02 September 2021



Organizers: ICIMOD and Esri India



About the webinar

Along with Esri India, we are organizing this half-day webinar to share deeper insights into the trends, best practices, and latest developments in the field of geospatial technologies.

The primary objective of the webinar is to share knowledge on using innovative geospatial technologies – ESRI technology-based applications and tools – to address key mountain issues with a primary focus on disaster management, forestry and wildlife, and health, including the COVID-19 pandemic.


Expected participants

Participants will include representatives from national/provincial agencies and non-governmental organizations, research organizations, technologists, and technology enthusiasts in Nepal.

The webinar is open and free for the public.



Countries across the world have been using geospatial technology to develop innovative tools and solutions to address major environmental and socioeconomic issues. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic posing unprecedented challenges across the world, geospatial technologies have aided countries in mapping the extent of the spread and monitoring infrastructure needs in response.

Our Regional Programme on Mountain Environment Regional Information System (MENRIS) contributes to effective evidence-based decision-making processes by governments, communities, and individuals using scientific data, Earth observation information, and geospatial technologies in the areas of agriculture, environment, natural resources, and climate change. The programme has been promoting the use of geospatial and Earth observation technology to address various mountain issues in the Hindu Kush Himalaya region.




Tentative agenda
Time Topic Speaker/facilitator
09:30–09:40 Introduction Angeli Shrestha, Senior Programme Associate, ICIMOD
09:40–09:50 Opening remarks Basanta Raj Shrestha, Director of Strategic Cooperation, ICIMOD
09:50–10:00 Keynote remarks Vishal Anand, Sr. Vice President, Esri India
10:00–10:15 ICIMOD’s geospatial applications developed around various thematic areas Sudip Pradhan, Programme Coordinator – Regional Database System Initiative, ICIMOD
10:15–12:20 Technical session on ESRI tools and solutions

(Presentation and demonstration followed by Q&A)

10:15–11:00 Forestry and wildlife protection solutions: Enterprise GIS for forestry management CM Adhikari, Senior Manager – PreSales, Esri India
11:00–11:45 Health and GIS solutions: Health app and COVID-19 Ashish Dhawan, Divisional Manager, Esri India
11:45–12:15 Disaster management: Modernizing disaster operations using GIS Santanu Dutta, Group Manager, Esri India
12:15 -12:20 Summarizing the session Ashish Mittal, Sr. Zonal Head, Esri India
12:20–12:30 Vote of thanks Ghulam Rasul, Regional Programme Manager – MENRIS, ICIMOD



Angeli Shrestha


Basanta Raj Shrestha


Vishal Anand

Esri India

Sudip Pradhan


CM Adhikari

Esri India

Ashish Dhawan

Esri India

Santanu Dutta

Esri India

Ashish Mittal

Esri India

Ghulam Rasul