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22 Apr 2015 | News

Differential GPS training in Kathmandu Nepal

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Thirteen participants from Nepal attended a one day training on differential GPS training organised by the Cryosphere Initiative of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD). The hands on dGPS training was organised as part of an in-house and partner capacity building process conducting high altitude surveys for cryosphere monitoring in the Himalayas. The Cryosphere Initiative, supported by the Norwegian Government and in collaboration with national partners in Nepal, initiated the Cryosphere Monitoring Programme.

The programme is extended thematically and geographically to Bhutan and Pakistan. As part of the programme, long-term glacier mass balance and debris-covered glacier measurements are planned. For example, geodetic measurements, glacier outline, annual glacier surface and velocity complement glacier mass balance measurements, detecting and monitoring changes in glacier behaviour to better understand the effects of ongoing climate change on mountain environments. The dual frequency Topcon differential Global Positioning System (dGPS) is used to get precise outcome of such measurements.

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