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12 Feb 2015 | News

Women from Jumla learn to make bio-briquettes and cultivate herbs

ICIMOD, in collaboration with Business Service Centre (BSC), a local NGO working in Jumla district, provided hands-on training on Bio-briquette and Medicinal Plant Cultivation and Propagation to a women group from Jumla from 9-12 February 2015. The four-day training was conducted at ICIMOD Knowledge Park in Godavari.

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A delegation from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) visited ICIMOD to discuss current and prospective areas for collaboration with ICIMOD.

During the training, the women learned the techniques for propagating Lott Salla (Taxus wallichiana) and Chirayita (Swertia chirayita) and for making bio-briquettes. On the last day, they visited Dabur Nepal’s medicinal plants division in Kavre district. There, they discussed medicinal and herbs production in Jumla and explored the possibility of linking their group with Dabur Nepal so that the company can directly purchase raw materials (medicinal herbs) through women groups in Jumla.

The training on bio-briquette covered all key aspects of bio-briquette production, from biomass collection and charcoal preparation to preparing the mixture and pouring it into a mold. The briquettes that finally come out are shaped like beehives. These bio-briquettes can be used for heating and cooking after they are dried in the sun for a few days. The women seemed very eager to learn how to make them and said they would like to replicate the technology in their village in Jumla. They have requested Business Service Centre (BSC) for the iron mould machine so that they can produce bio-briquettes for commercial purposes. They also actively participated in training sessions on vertical vegetable farming and medicinal herbs cultivation and propagation techniques.

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