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Celebrating World Water Day 2021





Date & Time

22 March 2021

World Water Day 2021


World Water Day is celebrated every year on 22 March to highlight the importance and necessity of water for human life and progress. This year’s theme “Valuing Water”, recognizes and considers all the benefits provided by water, its true value, and how we can all work together to better protect this vital resource.

The value of water is much more than its price – water has enormous and complex value for our households, food, culture, health, education, economics, and the integrity of our natural environment. By celebrating all the different ways water benefits our lives, we can value water properly and safeguard it effectively for everyone.

Water is also at the core of sustainable development. It is integral to poverty reduction, public health, economic growth, and environmental sustainability. Yet, access to water is unequal across the world due to numerous socioeconomic and geographic factors.

ICIMOD will be celebrating this day to reaffirm its commitment to ensuring year-round, universal, and affordable access to safe drinking water and water for sanitation and productive purposes in the Hindu Kush Himalaya.

World Water Day 2021 will be marked through the following activities:

  1. Message from the Director General
  2. Newspaper articles (regional media uptake)
  3. Webinar: “What does water mean to me? Valuing and safeguarding water resources”
  4. Social media campaign: “What does water mean to you?”