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The State of Gender Equality and Climate Change in South Asia and Hindu Kush Himalayan Region





Date & Time

01 August 2022

About the assessment

We are collaborating with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and UN Women to conduct an assessment on ‘The State of Gender Equality and Climate Change in South Asia and Hindu Kush Himalayan Region’ under the EmPower – Women for Climate Resilient Societies project, jointly implemented by UN Women and UNEP and funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

The report will present data, conduct analysis, and document evidence on the state of play concerning gender equality and climate change in the region to increase national and regional knowledge and stimulate dialogue. The report will also help stimulate appropriate actions by regional organisations, governments, and financing institutions for reducing gendered vulnerabilities to climate change. The findings from the research will be presented at a regional dialogue to foster knowledge sharing and capacity development.


About the workshop

Along with our collaborators, we have prepared the first draft of the report with inputs from stakeholders from the 10 countries covered. To strengthen regional collaboration and ownership of the report, we are organising a stakeholders’ consultation to receive feedback on the findings of the report from a diverse range of experts from government bodies, academia, the civil society, and think tanks working in the sectors of climate change, agriculture, energy, and water. The event will serve as an open peer-review process for the report to enhance its quality and ensure the uptake of the recommendations.



  • Present the key findings and recommendations of the report to the experts
  • Collect feedback from the experts for revision of the report, particularly on the proposed recommendations
  • Collect information on sectoral and climate change policies that aim to mainstream gender equality and social inclusion that have recently been adopted or are currently in development
  • Provide a space to share good practices on gender-responsive climate action from the region



 Time (NPT) Programme Speaker/facilitator
11:00–11:05 Welcome remarks Abid Hussain, ICIMOD
11:05–11:15 Opening remarks Izabella Koziell, ICIMOD
11:15–11:20 Overview of the project Athena Galao, UN Women
11:20–11:35 Report development process and workshop objectives Kamala Gurung, ICIMOD
11:35–12:00 Presentations on:

Summary of the findings (10 min)

Recommendations and guidelines for policies and programmes (10 min)

Sanjeev Bhuchar, ICIMOD

Chanda Gurung Goodrich, ICIMOD

12:00–12:10 Quick feedback on presentations from participants Facilitated by Abid Hussain, ICIMOD
12:10–13:00 Breakout session for discussion on policy recommendations Each group facilitated by ICIMOD colleagues
13:00–13:15 Report back by each group Group facilitator or nominated presenter will present the summary; summary of feedback to be shared with Abid Hussain, ICIMOD
13:15–13:20 Next steps Kamala Gurung, ICIMOD
13:20–13:25 Vote of thanks Kosar Bano, ICIMOD