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A plant nursery was established in the lower area of the site to ensure an adequate supply of plant material for the various trials, demonstration, and rehabilitation activities. Seeds can be tested for germination and emergence under controlled conditions, and the results of growing in a greenhouse or outdoors compared. The nursery is also used to maintain and propagate seeds and plant cuttings received from partners in ICIMOD’s member countries, and to grow seedlings (around 100,000 per year) specifically for distribution to project partners and farmers groups. Excess plants are sometimes sold.

Effective microorganisms (EM) technology and EM composting

'Effective microorganisms technology' is a method developed by Professor T. Higa of Japan in which a mixed culture of beneficial ...

Soil Erosion Monitoring

Detailed scientific research is carried out at the site to acquire better information about the conditions that favour or hinder ...

Various water harvesting ways

Natural Spring Water Harvesting There is a natural spring on the site at the Sungure Khola Chiso Pani Dhara. ...

Gravity sprinkler irrigation

Water from the reservoirs passes through high-density polythene pipes laid-out with hydrants in different experimental plots and nurseries covering approximately five ...