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Large cardamom (Amomum subulatum Roxb)

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Large cardamom (Amomum subulatum Roxb) is a high value cash crop and a main source of cash income for farmers in the eastern Himalayan region including Eastern #Nepal, #Sikkim and parts of #Darjeeling district in West Bengal of #India, and Southern #Bhutan. Presently, Nepal is the largest producer of large cardamom with 68% share in the global market, followed by India (22%) and Bhutan (9%).

It’s been reported that #cardamom production has been declining in a number of cardamom growing areas due to lack of proper orchard management. To ensure greater productivity, it is extremely important to ensure timely clearing, weeding, manuring and soil moisture conservation with proper mulching. Unfortunately many cardamom growers are not aware about soil nutrient management, which leads to poor yield. Many farmers are also growing cardamom in outdated orchards, which are more prone to pests, disease, and have lower productivity in general.

Clearing/cleaning and mulching are important practices for better cardamom productivity. Dry leaves of shade trees can be effectively utilized for mulching to increase soil moisture and reduce the effect of drought, especially in dry winter periods.

At our #KnowledgePark we demonstrate proper management of cardamom orchards on a season-wise basis. Here we also showcase the use of Utis (Alnus nepalensis) as a common shade tree which can also contribute in ensuring healthy sustainable cardamom production.

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