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Installation of new tipping bucket in Meteorological station

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We’re excited to have added this new technology to the park!

A tipping bucket rain gauge is the most common type of precipitation measurement tool available and is known to produce accurate and reliable results. It is a mechanism which certain rain gauges use to measure precipitation at a given point in time.

Sustainable Eco Engineering (SEE) in partnership with ICIMOD, recently installed a tipping bucket at our meteorological station in the #KnowledgePark. This particular tipping bucket was installed for testing the reliability of the equipment when combined with our Community Based Flood Early Warning System (#CBFEWS) which is used to monitor water levels in a particular stream or river.

The newly installed tipping bucket consists of a rain gauge sensor and other measurement components which records precipitation data and relays it wirelessly such that it can be viewed and monitored remotely. The integration of tipping bucket with water level monitoring system will provide more information for flood early warnings.

Installing water level monitoring system at any one point #upstream can help provide early warnings to #downstream communities, however it is often difficult to monitor and account for additional water entering the stream/river from different tributaries and as a result of increasing precipitation. Thus installation of tipping buckets in numerous additional locations can help in monitoring water levels from tributaries which will eventually help in increasing the lead time for #flood #preparedness for communities downstream.

The automatic tipping bucket installed at the park will be tested and calibrated using a manual tipping bucket installed at same site, which will serve as a reference. Over the course of the testing period, Sustainable Eco Engineering will be continuously checking the automatic measurement and real time transmission of data vis-à-vis the actual observed data on the ground.

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