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Godavari Landscape Journey

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What is a landscape journey?

A landscape journey is a process by which interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral teams of stakeholders can be engaged for developing shared understanding and vision of a particular landscape. Such a process can help foster ownership of stakeholders and help develop integrated solutions.

The first Godavari landscape journey was organized on 2-3 November 2016. This landscape includes Godavari’s forested areas, settlements like Chapakharka villages, as well as National Botanical Gardens, and our own Knowledge Park. This journey event made it possible for multiple stakeholders, including people from the surrounding Forest User Groups (FUGs), the National Botanical Garden, the National Herbarium, non-governmental organizations working in Godavari, and experts from ICIMOD to interact and discuss about Godavari and its future.

Along the landscape journey, participants discussed how Godavari and our Knowledge Park could become a learning lab for testing out ideas and technologies, and how to strengthen collaboration in the work undertaken by stakeholders.

Subsequently, the second Godavari landscape journey was organized in February 2017, and mainly dealt with four thematic areas; water, forest, waste management and eco-tourism in the greater Godavari landscape. The journey was useful to develop a forum where stakeholders could work together to resolve common issues and/or problems in the Godavari landscape. It was also decided that all partners would meet once a year to discuss issues and possible collaborations, under the leadership of elected officials of various Godavari municipalities.

The idea of the Godavari landscape journey was proposed by Mr. Brij Mohan Singh Rathore, Chairperson of the ICIMOD Knowledge Park Technical Committee, and supported by members of the technical committee

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