At a glance

Initiative goal

Enhanced resilience and adaptive capacities of HKH communities through the research, piloting, and adoption of resilient solution packages, along with knowledge sharing and capacity building

Regional Programme

Adaptation and Resilience Building

Nand Kishor Agrawal

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Programme Coordinator

Our focus

Creating mountain-specific solutions

RMS focuses on three strategic impact areas: poverty reduction, reduced physical and social vulnerability, and improved ecosystem services.

We test simple and affordable resilience-building tools and approaches that community members in rural parts of the HKH can replicate. Our cross-cutting approach ensures that our solutions are democratic, inclusive, and suited to the mountain context.

Outreach and upscaling are also essential to our approach; we target a wide range of stakeholders and seek to bridge the policy–practice divide. We train and network with governments, local institutions, and other stakeholders to ensure that these solutions are scaled up and scaled out to reach as many communities as possible.

Initiative duration

2018–2022 (builds on the past work of HICAP and Himalica initiatives)


Enhanced capacities of national and local governments and regional institutions to plan and implement programmes that improve resilience to climate and other changes

Geo coverage

Bhutan, Myanmar, and Nepal

How does RMS work?

RMS uses an integrated approach to sustainable mountain development, focusing on climate change adaptation, resilience, and preparedness for future risks.

News and features

Around the HKH

Moving Mountains

For mountains and people

We have a deep history of work across a broad range of issues enabling sustainable development in the complex environment of the HKH. We have been protecting the pulse for over three decades.



Mountains occupy 24% of the terrestrial surface of the earth. In this rugged and varied landscape, agriculture and its related practices are quite different from agriculture in the plains.

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Resilient Mountain Village

The resilient mountain village approach is an innovation arising from our recent experience in the Climate Smart Village pilot in Nepal.

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Events around RMS

Our involvement

Partners and support

RMS works with partners in these four categories:

Implementing partners: Carrying out activities on the ground and promoting uptake of solutions at the national level and beyond

Strategic/policy partners: Engaging with government-supported national programmes, working with the media and knowledge centres to support regional engagement, and enhancing global outreach through engagement with multilateral processes and global think tanks

Private sector: Diversifying livelihood opportunities through business modalities and value chain development and promoting financial sustainability of project activities

Knowledge partners: Scientific and technical backstopping through action research, knowledge sharing, and policy engagement

Supported by:

norwegian ministry of foreign affairs

Featured partner


With a vision of increasing farm productivity and maximizing profitability, GeoKRISHI focuses on connecting farmers to advisory services and better market linkages.

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RMS in the media

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RMS publications

You will find publications produced or related to this Initiative in HimalDoc, our publications repository. These resources include journal articles, books, book chapters, research reports, working papers, brochures, information sheets, and publicity materials, among other products.

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We embrace diversity

Meet the team

Both internally and externally, our multicultural staff and partners are our greatest asset. They provide us with a broad perspective across disciplines and offer us localized knowledge like no other.

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Resilient Mountain Solutions in the news
Resilient Mountain Solutions in the news
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How does RMS work?
How does RMS work?
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About Resilient Mountain Solutions
About Resilient Mountain Solutions
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Resilient Mountain Solutions
Resilient Mountain Solutions
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