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Springs of hope

Spring revival work in Bhutan, India, and Nepal

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Community engagement, proven results in the field, and policy dialogues with government bodies in Bhutan, India, and Nepal are helping put the sustainability of spring sources at the centre of planning, policy, and practice.Recently, our spring recharge interventions helped revive two critical springs in Nepal’s Kavre district. These successful demonstrations led the municipality to allocate budget to revive two additional springs. We also conducted policy dialogues, stressing the need to move policies from springs protection to conservation and management at national and sub-national levels.

We are also working with the government in Bhutan, providing training and support in piloting and scaling springshed management. After two years of intervention, the revival of a previously dry spring has been reported in Paro district.

In India, we continue to lend support at state and district levels. Community resource persons we trained monitor several critical springs we have identified. In Manipur, with the Directorate of Environment and Climate Change, we organised a capacity-building training using our six-step methodology, which, along with community and government support, continues to be the cornerstone of our springshed revival success story.

Our recharge interventions have helped revive critical springs. Community and government support will further enhance the sustainability and management of springs and springsheds across the region.

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