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23 Dec 2019 |
Daily Bhutan
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Symposium On Promoting Organic Agriculture Held In Paro, Bhutan

“While we have organic farming in Bhutan, the scale and the volume of production is not enough if we want to trade.”

20 Dec 2019 |
BBS Bhutan
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Symposium on promoting organic farming

Harsh climate, rough terrain, poor soils, and short growing seasons often lead to low agricultural productivity and food deficits in 8 Hindu-Kush Himalayan countries. Looking at the need to understand and promote organic agriculture and develop a market for organic products, a symposium on organic agriculture was held in Paro for two days.

19 Dec 2019 |
Kuensel online
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Mitigating climate change through organic agriculture

Even if global temperature change remains under 1.5°C to avert the worst impact of climate change, the Himalayan region would be two degrees hotter by 2100.

9 Dec 2019 |
Crawford Fund
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ICT Smart for Climate Smart Ag in Nepal

As part of our concerted efforts to support and encourage the next generation of Australians in study, careers and volunteering in international agricultural research, the Crawford Fund State Committees proudly support our Student Awards.

23 Oct 2019 |
Krishi Gobeshona Foundation
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KGF-ICIMOD Consultation Workshop on Hill Agriculture in Chattogram Hill Tracts

An International Consultative Workshop on Hill Agriculture Development, organized jointly by Krishi Gobeshona Foundation (KGF), Dhaka, Bangladesh and the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Kathmandu, Nepal, was held on 22-23 October, 2019 at the Conference Room of the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC), Dhaka.