About the Programme

The Kailash Sacred Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative (KSLCDI) is a transboundary collaborative programme between China, India, and Nepal that has evolved through a participatory, iterative process among various local and national research and development institutions within these countries 

Broad Objectives

  • To strengthen regional, transboundary cooperation by institutionalizing the elements of the regional cooperation framework;
  • To mainstream sustainable ecosystem management approaches and practices in the context of climate change adaptation in the KSL and in national policies and plans at all levels;
  • To build the capacity of key institutions for long-term environmental monitoring and socioeconomic research for better planning and decision making; and
  • To establish a regional knowledge sharing platform to support evidence-based decision making at regional and national levels.
News and Events

Exploratory trip to Humla

KSLCDI Communication Strategy Workshop and Review and Planning Meeting