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Dhrupad Choudhury

Chief Scaling Operations

Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Ghulam Muhammad Shah

Impact, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Strategic Cooperation

Naina Shakya

Partnership and Private Sector Specialist


Arabinda Mishra

Theme Leader Livelihoods

Chanda Gurung Goodrich

Senior Gender Specialist – Gender Lead

Anu Kumari Lama

Tourism Specialist

Binaya Pasakhala

Governance and Institutions Analyst

Kamala Gurung

Gender and Natural Resource Management Specialist

Pradyumna J.B. Rana

Climate Change Adaptation & Governance Analyst

Sunayana Basnet

Tourism Research Associate

Ecosystem Services

Kesang Wangchuk

Biodiversity Specialist

Nabin Bhattarai

Forest Land Restoration & REDD Research Associate

Srijana Joshi Rijal

Ecosystem Specialist

Water and Air

Sanjeev Bhuchar

Senior Water Management Specialist

Santosh Nepal

Water and Climate Specialist

Saurav Pradhananga

Water and Climate Analyst

Geospatial Solutions

Deepak Kumar Shah

Geospatial Programmer Application Developer

Karma Tsering

Senior Remote Sensing & Geoinformation Specialist

Sudan Bikash Maharjan

Remote Sensing Analyst – Cryosphere

Vishwas S. Chitale

Remote Sensing Specialist – Ecosystems

Transboundary Landscapes

Nakul Chettri

Regional Programme Manager

Janita Gurung

Programme Coordinator, Kailash

Yi Shaoliang

Programme Coordinator, HI-LIFE

Basant Pant

Programme Officer

Indu Chitrakar

Programme Associate

Mountain Environment Regional Information System (MENRIS)

Sudip Pradhan

Programme Coordinator, Regional Database System