Who we are

Staff and structure

We've organized ourselves within a matrix structure so that we can ensure multidisciplinary integration and consistency in approaches across our regional programmes. Staff who are part of our teams based on our four themes - ecosystems services, geospatial solutions, livelihoods and water and air - bring their research and area expertise to bear on projects which are planned and implemented through our regional programmes. Our internal matrix system also helps us to work effectively with a vast range of partners.

We seek the most qualified staff while retaining and sharpening the skills of current colleagues in the existing themes and programmes across our institution.

As new projects and programmes emerge, we focus on acquiring and embedding the skills required to support that work. Staff planning is done adaptively year by year, depending on the increase of work in the Regional Programmes and the new ideas and innovations requested from our Themes.

We strive to remain a competitive employer in the market with a fair, equal, and competitive compensation and benefits package to attract professionals from all of our regional member countries and from across the globe in order to have a wide range of skills, competencies, and cultures within the organization.

Country offices

Our country offices in Afghanistan and Pakistan coordinate our activities within those countries, support ongoing government initiatives related to mountain specific policies and programmes, and function as a key facilitator for the collaboration of our diverse partners across each of those countries.


Discipline-specific expertise

Our themes

Our themes focus on discipline-specific knowledge. Working in partnerships, theme-based staff develop and customize methodologies and tools, and carry out innovative applied research to address the complex issues in the HKH.

Ecosystem services
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Geospatial solutions
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Water and air
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Our central document repository and online digital library, HimalDoc is a one-stop portal for publications, journal articles, reports, theses, photos, multimedia and other information resources related to the HKH.

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Diversity of data

We influence & advance policy

We possess the spirit of a think tank, but remain grounded by the realities that surround us. We are driven towards impact, and seek out ways to bring our insights and perspectives to fruition.

Regional Database System

Our data repository, RDS, contains open access data across thematic and geographic areas in the HKH region.

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We address gender issues in all of our interventions – through policy advocacy, research, capacity building, and partnerships.

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Institutional effectiveness and integrity

Our organisational structure

We seek through our organisational structure to deliver impact on the issues most critical to our regional members countries, whether it be climate change adaptation, air pollution monitoring, or livelihood promotion for marginal mountain communities.

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