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14 Aug 2020 | HIMAP

Promoting the HKH Assessment report

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Deepening science communication through flagship publication promotion

Promoting the HKH assessment report

Over 50 journalists and media outlets from around the world contacted us within the first 24 hours of the launch of the HKH Assessment report, which significantly elevated the HKH on the global stage and set a new standard in regional environmental assessments. The World Economic Forum made a video using the report findings which was viewed by tens of thousands of people in the first week of its launch. The former Prime Minister of Bhutan, Tsering Tobgay also delivered a TEDtalk based on the assessment, which was viewed almost 2 million times. To promote a global conversation about the report, we developed key messages and a strategic outreach plan supported by succinct chapter briefs. The launch event itself was a highlevel editors’ meet, involving senior editors and journalists from the region, which allowed for their in-depth orientation to the science and assessment methodology and access to the authors.

With more than 2,000 media mentions, 580k downloads, 715 native tweets and 82 citations, the flagship HKH Assessment publication has the widest reach of any ICIMOD publication in the institution’s history

HKH Assessment Report

Chapter 7

Regional and global outreach

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