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Indigenous voices

Ensuring indigenous local knowledge in adaptation and resilience building

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To help reinforce the importance of indigenous local knowledge (ILK) in adaptation and resilience building, we are supporting efforts by indigenous scholars and organisations within and beyond the HKH through the Himalayan University Consortium’s (HUC) Thematic Working Groups.

Women indigenous scholars from HUC member universities are leading studies that bring indigenous voices to the fore of research. Two women scholars from the Royal University of Bhutan have co-led a field study on perceptions of cryosphere-related disasters and risks in Bhutan. From Sikkim University, India, a woman scholar from the indigenous Lepcha ethnic group has won a residential fellowship at the Harvard–Yenching Institute to study local, indigenous perceptions of the relationship between human and other-than-human beings.

At COP26, we helped highlight innovative methods in communicating indigenous knowledge for climate action at the local level through a session at the Third Capacity Building Hub. The HUC collaborated with the an Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) and the Organización Nacional de Mujeres Indígenas Andinas y Amazónicas del Perú in organizing this session.

Two HUC members – Royal University of Bhutan and Hemvati Nandan Bahugun Garhwal University, India – are also part of IGES-led project promoting ILK for locally-led adaption in the Asia Pacific region. The Asia Pacific regional chapter of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters is also part of this ILK amplification project.

The report provides information on the status of gender mainstreaming and identifies good practices across the forestry, agriculture, energy, and water sectors

Ensuring indigenous local knowledge

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