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Protecting humans and wildlife

Building technical capacities of our partners in Bhutan

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To strengthen efforts at mitigating human–wildlife conflict (HWC) in the Kangchenjunga Landscape (KL), we have trained staff from partner agencies in Bhutan on designing biological corridors and on mapping HWC hotspots.

Our research on identifying HWC hotspots in the KL informed the training material for forestry field staff on mapping hotspots and implementing conflict-mitigation strategies. Following the training, a national-level HWC hotspot mapping exercise was conducted, which identified and prioritised sites for conflict-management interventions across Bhutan. A hotspot was identified in Bunagu, a village in Chukha District, where forest officials installed an electric fence, protecting more than 75 acres of crop land and benefitting 23 households.

The second training introduced forest officials from protected areas and divisional forest offices to the application of geospatial modelling tools to explore, assess, and evaluate corridor design. Following the training, biological corridors between Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary and Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary in eastern Bhutan were designed. The proposed corridor is currently pending approval at the ministry level.

By enhancing partners’ institutional capacities, we are facilitating scaling of forest corridor management activities and human–wildlife conflict hotspot mapping in Bhutan

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