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SANDEE provides research support to South Asian researchers and institutions interested in the inter-connection among development, natural resource use, and the environment.

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Research grants are provided for conducting research on topics related to economics and the environment in South Asian countries. While SANDEE’s focus is on environmental management, proposals have to include a strong economics component. Multi-disciplinary projects with a robust economic focus are encouraged. Cross-border collaborations and trans-boundary projects are prioritized. Currently, SANDEE’s research activities focus on three prioritized research themes:

Analysis of ecosystem changes, conserving ecosystems, and institutional arrangements to manage ecosystem services

Ecosystems provide a variety of provisioning, regulating, supporting and cultural services. With human activities, some of these services are being lost at an accelerating rate. Changes in ecosystems have short-run as well as long-run implications for livelihoods and the health of natural systems. Research on ecosystems management will focus on:

a) understanding the implications of ecosystem changes for economic and social systems;
b) economic analysis of conserving ecosystems and their services by evaluating costs and benefits to different stakeholders, especially the poor; and
c) examining different institutional arrangements to manage ecosystem services.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) – See Special Feature on Ecosystem Services:

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The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity
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Wealth Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services
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Ecosystem Services and Poverty
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Non-timber forest products extraction under different forestry institutions in Bangladesh, Md. B. Uddin, Bangladesh

Mapping and designing payments for ecosystem services in Punkha, O. Kattel, Bhutan

An ecological and economic analysis of forest management institutions in Bangladesh, Md. B. Uddin, Bangladesh

Soil conservation benefits of Upper Mahaweli watershed in Sri Lanka, EPN Udaykumara, Sri Lanka



Analysis of climate change impacts, adaptation measures, mitigation strategies, and institutions and policies for long-term adjustment to climate change

With climate change, South Asia is expected to face more variation in temperature and precipitation, more extreme weather events, and sea level rise over time. These changes are affecting millions of poor people in South Asian countries. Research on economics of climate change will focus on:

a) evaluation of the impacts of climate change;
b) economic analysis of adaptation measures;
c) evaluation of the mitigation strategies, particularly those that offer local co-benefits; and
d) examination of institutions and policies that need to be in place for low carbon growth and long-term adjustment to climate change.

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SANDEE publication and Projects
IPCC, Fifth Assessment Report
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ELDIS for information, data and more 
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Acquisition of technological capabilities through the clean development mechanism, A. Aggarwal, India

Adoption of biogas as an alternative energy source in Pakistani Punjab, W. Akram, Pakistan

Does urban greenery reduce the cost of cooling homes?, M. Borthakur, India

Sustainability of electrification projects in India’s villages where grid-extension is in-feasible, H. Nathan, India

Distributional impacts of climate change on smallholder agriculture in Sri Lanka, J. Edirisinghe, Sri Lanka

Evaluation of different environmental policies, regulations and programs and their implications for sustainable development

Governments and other organizations in South Asia put forward a variety of regulations and policies to manage local to global environmental problems. There is a need to examine alternate policy options and to evaluate their impacts in order to ensure that we are on a sustainable path. Under this theme, research will focus on:

a) program evaluation of the impacts of environmental policies, regulations and programs; and
b) assessment of the economic incentives associated with different regulatory and market mechanisms and their contribution to policy compliance.

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SANDEE publication and Projects
Green Growth and Sustainable Development 
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Smart Cities
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CoLab at MIT 
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Compliance in pollution management: A case study on the textile industry of Bangladesh, G. M. Khondaker, Bangladesh

Environmental management practices in post-conflict tourism in Sri Lanka, K. Wickramasinghe, Sri Lanka

Why the plastic bag ban decision works in one municipality and does not in another?, B. Bhardwaj, Nepal

Environmental regulations and their compliance in textile processing sector of Pakistan, G. Samad., Pakistan

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