• Guidelines for Submitting Research Concept Notes: SANDEE makes research grants related to the economics of environmental issues. Currently the focus is on Ecosystems Management, Economics of Climate Change and Policies and Programs for Greener Development. The guidelines below is a beta copy of the online form and provides details required for online submission of research concept note.
  • Guidelines for final manuscript, working paper The guidelines below provides instructions to SANDEE researchers on writing and finalizing their manuscript for submission to SANDEE.
  • Policies Regarding Intellectual Rights over SANDEE Funded Research 2014SANDEE supports research on environmental and development economics in South Asia. This research is undertaken by individuals or teams of researchers with monetary support from SANDEE and technical advice from SANDEE’s advisors and Secretariat. The document below provides SANDEE’s policies regarding various research outputs.
  • Guidelines for Submitting Full Proposals: This guideline should be followed after your pre-proposal is approved and you have been asked to submit the full proposal.


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