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26 Sep 2016 | News

Partner Relationships Management System Version 2.0 launched

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A Partner Relationships Management (PRM) System Version 2.0 was launched coinciding with planning and review meeting of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) on 5 September by Board member Mr. Muhammad Abid Javed, Secretary, Ministry of National Food Security and Research, Pakistan and David Molden, Director General, ICIMOD.

PRM is a web-based platform providing access to interactive tools and databases for managing all kinds of partnerships. The system will provide decision support tools at multiple levels for operational planning and strategic decision making on partnerships. It brings together data from various sources, including ICIMOD’s enterprise resource planning system (STAR), partner profiles, the partnership agreement database system, as well as inputs from regional programmes and initiatives.

The PRM System provides an overview of partnerships under each typology and provides detailed information required by each initiative at the partner level. It enables users to examine information relating to initiative partnerships, including viewing the number of partnerships, transactional volumes to partners, capacity assessments of partners, and status of partnerships, and it also helps to monitor the progress of deliverables linked to the respective partners. As a management information system, PRM has been designed with access to everyone and will promote key partnering principles of synergy, equity, transparency, and mutual benefit.

For more information on PRM contact: Pramod Tandukar (pramod.tandukar@icimod.org)


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