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4 Jul 2016 | News

P3DM in Nepal

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The workshop ‘Participatory 3 Dimensional Model (P3DM) building’ was held 12-18 June 2016 at Dhungetar, Charghare VDC, Nuwakot in Nepal. The programme was organised by Strategic Cooperation, International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) with the support of IDRC, Canada and technical guidance from ICIMOD’s geospatial team.

The P3DM model was built with the active engagement of local communities to address water, land, and other resource management issues for livelihood security, climate change adaptation and focused on reconstruction after the 25 April 2015 earthquake. The village community and ICIMOD professionals discussed the usability of P3DM. ICIMOD experts also visited the model built for the Dhungetar Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Pilot Project site.

Model in the process without detail information

In orientation introduced participants to map reading, objectives of P3DM, and processes of model building. There were total 14 participants (2 resource persons: Govinda Joshi and Gauri S. Dangol, 1 Intern from ICIMOD and 11 community participants – five women/six men).

The model covered roads, trails, houses, schools, temples, springs and land use (homestead, farm lands for agriculture and forest). At each stage of development, the model was verified with village leaders as well as participants. After completing the model, the usability aspect of the model was discussed with participants.

Community members found P3DM useful for understanding the area, planning for reconstruction and development post-earthquake, solving their problem and for communicating with the planners and policy makers as well as for visitors understanding the area easily.

Model Specifications

Location Dhungetar, Charghare VDC, Nuwakot
Size of the model: 4’-00” x 5’-00”
Ground distance 1.829 km x 2.286 km
Area 4.18 sqkm. (418.1 hectares)
Horizontal scale (x, y) 1:1,500
Vertical exaggeration (z) 1.5
Contour interval 10 metres
Minimum height 510 metres
Maximum height 1060 metres
Height difference 550 metres

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