Raising our ambition to 2030

Izabella Koziell

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It’s good news and good news! 

First of all, I am delighted to report that the Extraordinary Meeting of our Board of Governors wholeheartedly approved our new 2030 Strategy. This is a great vote of confidence in ICIMOD and our new vision, mission and refreshed core values, and the ambitious pathways we have committed ourselves to going forward. 

Secondly, our new Strategy 2030, will ensure that we are at the forefront of supporting our Regional Member Countries to grasp new opportunities emerging in tackling the growing climate, biodiversity, energy and water crisis in the HKH. The DG and I see this as a challenging but very exciting time for ICIMOD and its partners. Never have the challenges been greater, but equally never has our commitment been greater.  

We are now at the stage when we are translating our strategy into a practical Medium-Term Action Plan (MTAPV) that will govern our activities through 2023-2026. We will focus this MTAP design to deliver result against four long-term impact areas listed below. 

We are starting to populate our website with details of our new vision and mission and will continue to upload updates there. Please if you have any questions whatsoever regarding it, do drop a line to us through our info@icimod.org address.  

mission and vision


To build and share knowledge that drives regional policy and action and attracts investment that enables the diverse countries and communities of the HKH to transition to greener, more inclusive, and climate resilient development.


Transboundary risk reduction and adaptation: to enhance safety and socio-economic security
Air quality: to reduce adverse health impacts while securing mitigation co-benefits
Biodiversity and environmental health: to restore landscapes and sustain ecosystem services
Green mountain economies: to promote just transitions to green and low carbon enterprises


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