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25 May 2015 | News

ICIMOD provides relief to earthquake-affected local staff

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In the aftermath of the Great Earthquake of 25 April that ripped through north-central Nepal, ICIMOD put together a team to conduct rapid needs assessment of its 34 local staff, representing just as many households, from Godavari and surrounding areas, as well as to provide them with relief materials to address their most urgent needs in the spirit of “charity begins at home”.

The rapid assessment revealed that the mud-and-stone homes of three of ICIMOD’s local staff – otherwise identified as “high priority” – were completely destroyed. Those of the remaining local staff were partially damaged. Many livestock sheds had collapsed. The only village school in Tripeni sustained partial damage. Fortunately, there was no casualty.

The team kicked into high gear following the rapid assessment, and distributed relief materials – mostly tarps, floor mats, blankets, medicines, and food – to all the earthquake-affected local staff. It provided additional materials to the three identified as ‘high priority’ households – shovels and digging tools to clear what remained of their houses and recover reusable items.

The team visited Tripeni, Chhapakharka, and Khalte villages located high up in the Pulchowki watershed to learn how some of them were coping.  The team found them busy picking up the pieces to rebuild their lives. The team continued to monitor their recovery, and provide whatever assistance it could in the later days.

ICIMOD staff also delivered 6,000 kg of rice to the Godavari Municipality office in Kitini, Lalitpur, for distribution to the neediest earthquake-affected households in their wards.

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