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Regional Member Country Consultations

Co-designing ICIMOD’s Medium-Term Action Plan V (2023-2026)



Date & Time

07 June 2022 to 15 July 2022



Organisers: ICIMOD and National Planning Commission, Government of Nepal

Venue: ICIMOD Headquarters, Kathmandu, Nepal

Contact person: Suyog Maskey (suyog.maskey@icimod.org)

Organisers: ICIMOD and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Venue: Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar

Contact person: Suyog Maskey (suyog.maskey@icimod.org)

Organisers: ICIMOD and Ministry of Chattogram Hill Tracts Affairs, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Venue: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Contact person: Pramod Tandukar (Pramod.Tandukar@icimod.org)

Organisers: ICIMOD and country experts

Venue: Online via Zoom

Contact person: Jawid Ahmad (Jawid.Ahmad@icimod.org)

Organisers: ICIMOD and Chinese Academy of Sciences

Venue: Chengdu, China and ICIMOD headquarters, Nepal

Contact person: Suyog Maskey (suyog.maskey@icimod.org)

Organisers: ICIMOD and Ministry of Agriculture and Forest, Royal Government of Bhutan

Venue: Thimphu, Bhutan and ICIMOD headquarters, Nepal

Contact person: Sadiksha Guragai (Sadiksha.Guragai@icimod.org)

Organisers: ICIMOD and Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change, Government of India

Venue: New Delhi, India

Contact person: Sadiksha Guragai (Sadiksha.Guragai@icimod.org)

Organisers: ICIMOD and Ministry of National Food Security and Research, Government of Pakistan

Venue: Islamabad, Pakistan

Contact person: Santosh Raj Pathak (Santosh.Pathak@icimod.org)


About the consultations

In December 2022, ICIMOD will complete its Medium-Term Action Plan IV (MTAP-IV, 2018-2022) and is now embarking upon programming a new four-year cycle, MTAP-V (2023-2026). We would like to strengthen our partnerships and deepen our engagement at the country and regional level to meet our raised ambitions. We intend to achieve a set of tighter and more focused set of partnerships that can directly meet the ambitions of Strategy 2030 and the next MTAP.

To this end, the ownership by ICIMOD’s Regional Member Countries (RMCs) is critical to the relevance and effectiveness of all our work and our ability to deliver. Thus, together with our nodal agencies in the respective RMCs, we are conducting country consultations to seek inputs and guidance from relevant government agencies and our diverse network of partners on the key priorities and impact areas for MTAP V.



The objective of the consultations is to gather inputs on the MTAP-V process from our key partners, which include ministries, government departments and agencies, research organisations and universities, youth and civil society, and the private sector. The specific objectives are as follows:

  • Co-design and co-create the next MTAP V (2023-2026) document by sharing and inviting inputs from a network of key partners
  • Seek guidance from our network of partners in ensuring that the needs and priorities are well articulated to establish stronger relationships and ownership at the national and regional levels
  • Deepen our engagement in the RMCs for collective regional action, deepening our policy impacts, fostering collaborative endeavours in scaling, and attracting investments



The target audience includes ICIMOD’s network of partners. ICIMOD values the participation of government agencies, non-governmental organizations, academic and research organizations, development organizations, community-based organizations, civil society, and private sector entities.


For additional information on the publications, visit the link here.