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International Workshop on Applications of Atmospheric Modeling and Air Pollution Impact Research in South Asia

The AMAPIRSA workshop is co-hosted by the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), the Centre for International Climate and Environmental Research-Oslo (CICERO), and the Climate Extremes, Air Pollution and Agro-ecosystems (CiXPAG) project.




Kanchanjunga Meeting Hall, ICIMOD

Date & Time

17 April 2018 to 19 April 2018

The workshop will address various aspects of air pollution science and how modeling tools may increase our current understanding. The focus is three-fold:

  1. How models can help us understand processes such as transport, chemistry, and removal processes of air pollutants in South Asia
  2. How models may illuminate the impacts of climate change and air pollution in the region, with special emphasis on agriculture and health
  3. How modeling tools can support mitigation efforts and emissions regulations, e.g. by assessing anticipated results of certain mitigation measures.

We do not yet fully understand the effects of combined climate air pollution on agricultural ecosystems or human health, nor are we able to model it accurately. This lack of knowledge is particularly challenging considering the threats that climate change and food security pose to society. The AMAPIRSA workshop will identify current knowledge gaps and help find relevant solutions.


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