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ICIMOD at the 7th Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum

Enabling resilience for all: The critical decade to scale-up action



Date & Time

08 March 2021 to 12 March 2021

Organizers: ICIMOD, Asia Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN), Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Adaptation Without Borders (AWB)

ICIMOD at the 7th Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum



The Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum is the flagship event of the Asia Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN), of which ICIMOD is a partner. The Forum provides a regional platform for adaptation practitioners to meet, share learning and experiences, and work together to develop practical solutions to address challenges of climate change.

Hosted by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan (MoEJ), Government of Japan, with the APAN Secretariat at United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Forum will be held virtually from 8-12 March 2021 under the theme, Enabling resilience for all: The critical decade to scale-up action, with a focus on sharing learnings from actions towards climate-resilient development. The unifying theme of the Forum is resilience, structured around four thematic “streams” – inclusive resilience; nature-based resilience; economic sector resilience; and communities and local resilience.

Resilience embodies the desired endpoint of adaptation, applicable to natural, human, economic, and engineered systems. Adequate enabling conditions (“enablers”), through which resilience may be built on, maintained, and strengthened are climate governance; planning and processes; science and assessment; technologies and practices; and finance and investments.

ICIMOD at the Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum

ICIMOD, in partnership with the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), is leading the Inclusive Resilience Stream and will be participating and contributing to the sessions listed below.

These events are part of ICIMOD’s strategic communication and engagement campaign #HKH2Glasgow, planned in the run-up to UNFCCC COP26 in 2021.

Download the full programme here. All times are in BKK time.

  Date and time Programme description
1 8 March 2021 14:30–15:30 Moving from ‘form to function’ for strengthening climate policy and governance in economic sectors

Organizer: Government of Maldives

ICIMOD’s Nanki Kaur will present on how policy measures can strengthen the climate resilience of mountain enterprises in the HKH.

2 10 March 2021 9:45–10:45 Plenary session on science and assessment

Organizer: APAN Secretariat

ICIMOD’s Pema Gyamtsho will speak as a panelist.

This session will examine available knowledge of climate science, its application by different actors at different levels and limitations to support decision-making. It aims to bring examples of the use of climate science and its application by governments, the private sectors and funding agencies for designing adaptation actions supported by science.

3 10 March 2021 11:15–12:45 Enhancing resilience across borders: Using science to call for regional action in the Hindu Kush Himalaya

Lead organizer: ICIMOD

Co-organizer: Adaptation Without Borders (AWB); Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)

ICIMOD’s Arun Bhakta Shrestha and Dhrupad Choudhury will speak as panellists.

This panel presentation will demonstrate HKH as a climate change hotspot with increasing trends in water-related natural hazards due to climate and cryosphere change. It will also highlight priority actions to reduce these risks and address major gaps in science understanding.

The session will also summarize key message to be addressed at COP26 under the #HKH2Glasgow campaign.

Download flyer for this session.

4 10 March 2021 11:15–12:45 Closing adaptation knowledge gaps to scale up nature-based solutions in the Asia Pacific

Organizer: UNFCCC

Co-organizer: UNEP

This session will draw upon the work jointly undertaken by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) (through Global Adaptation Network) on the Lima Adaptation Knowledge Initiative (LAKI).

The session will share ways to identify and prioritize climate adaptation knowledge gaps, including emerging themes and learning on nature-based approaches. It will share approaches to translating learning across transboundary settings.

ICIMOD’s Neera Shrestha Pradhan will share her experiences in building engagements in the HKH region and will discuss nature-based solutions to close persistent knowledge gaps and effectively manage natural resources for water security. She will also highlight the challenges in addressing knowledge gaps at transboundary level.

5 11 March 2021 11:15–12:45 Inclusive community-focused adaptation efforts for sustained resilience and development

Lead organizer: SLYCAN Trust

Co-organizer: ICIMOD

The session will focus on local and community-led inclusive and participatory initiatives which focus on different water-based ecosystems, and lead to sustainable resilience building efforts. This would include technologies and practices related to mountain ecosystems, forestry and agro-forestry, coastal and marine ecosystem conservation, and restoration in the context of climate change adaptation and resilience-building of local communities.

ICIMOD’s Neera Shrestha Pradhan will share about the global award-winning technology on flood early warning and multi-stakeholder partnership in disaster resilience to save lives and livelihoods of vulnerable communities. She will also highlight the role of communities in climate action at local and transboundary levels.

6 12 March 2021 14:00–16:00 High-level closing plenary session on scaling-up action

Organizer: APAN Secretariat

ICIMOD’s Dhrupad Choudhury will speak as panellist.


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