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Dissemination of Agri-Extension Action Research and Exposure to Climate-Resilient Agricultural Practices

As a part of Himalica’s intervention, an action research on agriculture extension in collaboration with Department of Agriculture (DoA) was conducted in Nepal. The Randomized Control Trial (RCT) methodology was applied in this action research with technical support and continuous involvement of the Abdul Latif Jameel - Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) at Yale University. J-PAL was responsible for designing the RCT, doing the data analysis, and preparing the final report of this action research. The fourth partner in this action research is National Development and Research Institute (NDRI), Nepal, which had the responsibility for conducting the field surveys.




Hotel View Bhrikuti

Date & Time

07 August 2017 to 09 August 2017

Surendra Raj Joshi

To disseminate the complete findings of this action research farmers’ gathering workshop is being organized. This workshop will create opportunities for science-society interaction (interaction between farmers and scientists) in relation to action research findings and expose selected leader farmers on innovative agriculture technologies and climate smart practices.