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Workshop on Developing Strategic Plan for Agriculture Development in Shreejunga Rural Municipality (Gaupalika), Taplejung, Nepal

Based on the learning and knowledge generated from Himalica pilot interventions in Taplejung, the newly elected body of Shreejunga Gaupalika in Taplejung has realized a need for developing a strategic plan for agriculture development. The Shreejunga Gaupalika, which covers villages where the Himalica pilot project was implemented, also realized that the technologies and practices demonstrated by Himalica in pilot cluster have scope to out-scalefor benefit of wider communities. A request has therefore, made to ICIMOD for facilitating the planning process and develop a strategic plan of Shreejunga Gaupalika focusing on sustainable agriculture development for building resilient villages and also contribute to the improved quality of life of citizens residing within the Gaupalika.




Tellok, Shreejunga Gaupalika , Taplejung, Nepal

Date & Time

12 February 2018 to 14 February 2018


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