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Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Lalu Maya Kadel

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Strategic Cooperation

Naina Shakya

Partnership and Private Sector Specialist

Santosh Raj Pathak

Partnership Officer

Knowledge Management and Communication

Utsav Maden

Knowledge Management and Communication Officer


Chanda Gurung Goodrich

Senior Gender Specialist – Gender Lead

Kamala Gurung

Gender and Natural Resource Management Specialist

Water and Air

Bhupesh Adhikary

Senior Air Quality Specialist

Geospatial Solutions

Mir Abdul Matin

Theme Leader, Geospatial Solutions

Faisal Mueen Qamar

Remote Sensing Specialist

Finu Shrestha

Remote Sensing and Geo-information Analyst

Kabir Uddin

GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist

Karma Tsering

Senior Remote Sensing & Geoinformation Specialist

Kiran Shakya

Geospatial Application Development Specialist

Mohammad Daud Haiderzai

Geospatial Programmer Application Developer

Mohammad Sharif Jalalzai

Remote Sensing and Geo-information Analyst

Poonam Tripathi

Geospatial Training Analyst

Rajesh Bahadur Thapa

Remote Sensing and Geoinformation Specialist

Sajana Maharjan

Remote Sensing and Geoinformation Analyst – SERVIR

Sameer Bajracharya

Research Associate GIS Developer

Sayed Burhan Atal

SSA – GIS Analyst (Afghanistan Country Office)

Sudan Bikash Maharjan

Remote Sensing Analyst – Cryosphere

Sunil Thapa (Ale Magar)

Remote Sensing and GeoInformation Analyst – SERVIR

Varun Tiwari

Remote Sensing and Geoinformation Analyst – SERVIR

Vishwas S. Chitale

Remote Sensing Specialist – Ecosystems

Mountain Environment Regional Information System (MENRIS)

Birendra Bajracharya

Programme Coordinator, SERVIR-HKH

Sudip Pradhan

Programme Coordinator, Regional Database System

Angeli Shrestha

Senior Programme Associate

Ganesh Bhattarai

Programme Officer

Rajesh Shrestha

SSA – Admin Assistant, SERVIR HKH

Waheedullah Yousafi

Technical Coordinator, Afghanistan, SERVIR HKH