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Knowledge Management and Communication

Chimi Seldon

Knowledge Management and Communication Officer

Water and Air

Denis Samyn


Anushilan Acharya

SSA - Glaciological Research Associate

Arbindra Khadka

SSA - Glaciological Research Associate

Sharad Prasad Joshi

Cryosphere Analyst

Tika Ram Gurung

Research Associate Glaciologist

Geospatial Solutions

Amrit Thapa

RS & Geoinformation Research Analyst-Cryosphere Research

Finu Shrestha

Remote Sensing and Geo-information Analyst

Kiran Shakya

Geospatial Application Development Specialist

Reeju Shrestha

SSA - RS/GIS Cryosphere

Sudan Bikash Maharjan

Remote Sensing Analyst - Cryosphere

Tenzing Chogyal Sherpa

RS & Geoinformation Associate-Cryosphere Research

Yathartha Dhungel

Intern - Glacier Mapping with RS/GIS Tools

River Basins and Cryosphere

Arun Bhakta Shrestha

Regional Progamme Manager - River Basins & Cryosphere

Miriam Jackson

Programme Coordinator - Cryosphere Initiative

Aneel Piryani

Programme Officer

Neetu Ghale

Senior Programme Associate