Vijay Khadgi

Flood Early Warning and Energy Analyst
Strategic Group 1: Reducing Climate and Environmental Risk
Action Area A: Managing Cryosphere and Water Risks

My role at ICIMOD

Mr Khadgi was appointed Assistant Project Coordinator and Network Officer of the Hindu Kush-Himalayan Hydrological Cycle Observation System (HKH-HYCOS) Programme in January 2011. Mr Khadgi has a Masters degree in business management from Kathmandu University. He first joined ICIMOD in February 2004 and has held various positions, most recently as ‘Network Officer’ for the regional study on ‘Local Responses to Too Much and Too Little Water in the Greater Himalayan Region’. He has been extensively involved in developing and implementing communication strategies for projects on disaster reduction, climate change adaptation, and others; and has managed projects and developed web-based information and communication platforms. In his new role, he will be focusing in implementing the HKH-HYCOS project and will also develop its public information strategy.

Vijay Khadgi

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