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1 Jan 2020 | NEPCAT approaches

Farmer-led experimentation

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Participatory technology testing and adaptation through farmerled experiments

Farmer-led experimentation is a type of action research initiated and carried out by farmers in their own fields. This approach enables farmers to identify technological options suited to local agroecological and socioeconomic conditions. The farmer-led experimentation process is taken up within existing farmer groups. This approach is closely related to the ‘participatory innovation development’ and the ‘participatory technology development’ approaches as discussed in Kolff et al. (2005).



dark green: previous working districts;
light green: districts in 2007

WOCAT database reference: QA NEP3

Location: Nepal

Land use: Cropland

Climate: Humid subtropical

Related technology: Improved cattle shed for urine collection (QT NEP1); Legume integration (QT NEP3); Organic pest management (QT NEP4); Improved  compost preparation (QT NEP7); Better quality farmyard manure through improved decomposition (QT NEP8); Improved farmyard manure through  sunlight, rain and runoff protection (QT NEP9); Cultivation of fodder and grasses  (QT NEP23); Urine application through drip irrigation for bitter gourd production  (QT NEP24)

Target groups: Land users

Compiled by: SSMP

Date: May 2007

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