about SANDEE


SANDEE is generously supported by a number of donors and supporters. We gratefully acknowledge their contribution.

The Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency, SIDA, Sweden

SIDA is part of a global cooperation in which Sweden is one of many participants. In order to carry out its work, Sida cooperates with Swedish government agencies, organisations and international bodies like the UN, the EU and the World Bank. Sida’s efforts are concentrated on issues where Sweden has specialist knowledge and experience and where there is the greatest demand for Swedish support. Sida works according to directives of the Swedish Parliament and Government to reduce poverty in the world. The overall goal of Swedish development cooperation is to contribute to making it possible for poor people to improve their living conditions. …read more

The International Development Research Centre, IDRC, Canada

The International Development Research Centre works with the brightest minds in Canada and around the world to find practical solutions to development problems. IDRC results-driven research makes developing countries more self reliant, leading to better health outcomes, higher incomes, and more responsible governments. IDRC finances and advises researchers and innovators in developing countries, and builds the skills that will make it easier for them to solve their own local problems. Broadly speaking, the Centre aims to reduce poverty, improve health, support innovation, and safeguard the environment. …read more


We would like to acknowledge previous donors World BankDFIDFord FoundationNew DelhiThe John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and UNEP …