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3 Oct 2016 | Blog

Researchers collaborate for studying the effects of climate change in the HKH region

Santosh Nepal & Arthur Lutz

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The team photographed at Future Water office (left to right: Sonu Khanal, Arthur Lutz, Wilco Terink, Walter Immerzeel, and Santosh Nepal

The changes happening in Himalayan Rivers has been widely discussed in last decades which ranges from single catchment to large river basins. These river basins are dependent on snow and glacier melt which has been largely used for agriculture, hydropower, household and industries. Providing water and other important ecosystem services to millions that reside in the upstream and downstream regions of these basins, the importance of understanding long-term climate impact on these basins is crucial. Specifically, the impact on water resources in form of water quality and quantity requires large scale hydrological modelling of these river systems. This in turn provides information on not only the hydrological characteristic of these basins, but provides for sectoral water management also such as irrigation and hydropower in the downstream regions.


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