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Much of the water originates around the highest mountains on earth, a region often called “the third pole” because of its immense concentration of snow and ice, the largest outside the Arctic and Antarctic.

Relying on a complex interplay of seasonal weather such as the monsoon and the specific dynamics of a region that is deeply vulnerable to climate change and socio-economic pressures, the water flows downstream to multiple countries and forms a web of economically crucial rivers: the Amu Darya, Indus, Ganges, Brahmaputra (Yarlungtsanpo), Irrawaddy, Salween (Nu),

Mekong (Lancang), Yangtse (Jinsha), Yellow River (Huanghe), and Tarim (Dayan). All across the Hindu Kush Himalayas, the health of a river or local spring, the threat of flood disaster, and the availability of water to farmlands and swelling cities can play a key role in the survival of ecosystems, communities, and individuals.

Science Applications

Koshi Basin Information System

The Koshi Basin Information System (KBIS) provides a platform for collecting various types of data from all available sources, structuring the collected information, and storing the data through the Regional Database System of ICIMOD.


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Related Initiative

Indus Basin Initiative

The Indus Basin Initiative seeks to build resilience to climate change impacts by improving current understanding of climate change, cryosphere, and water resources, and strengthening networks for developing water and hazard management solutions.

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