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4 Oct 2016 | Blog

Heat stress measurements in the neighbourhoods of Delhi

Ganesh Gorti, Suruchi Bhadwal & Tanya Singh

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Every year Delhi hits the headlines of national news quite often than any other city in India. Smog, crime, pollution and extreme temperatures are more than often the top-stories. This year hasn’t been very different either, or not. The year opened with some drastic measures being announced by the Delhi government to bring down the thick smog that had blanketed the city. If that wasn’t the kind of New Year’s Delhites wanted, there was more surprise packed for them in the coming months.

Welcoming April were sweeping heatwaves that had set in over Southeast Asia, and had also covered a major portion of India, pushing some regions into drought like situations and resulting in farmer distress and human casualty. Delhi was no exception to this, coupled with its own microecosystem, for the metropolis it is, Delhi has been experiencing ravaging heat conditions up until late June.



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