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Regional workshop on Harnessing Potential on Bird-watching Ecotourism in the HI-LIFE Landscape




Baihualing, Yunnan, China

Date & Time

05 November 2017 to 20 November 2017

ICIMOD, in collaboration with Kunming Institute of Botany (KIB), and Gaoligongshan National Nature Reserve (South), plans to organize a Regional workshop on Harnessing Potential on Bird watching Ecotourism in the HI-LIFE Landscapes of Hindu Kush Himalaya in Baihualing Village, Baoshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province of China. This regional workshop will provide the participants with opportunities to discuss about sustainable bird-watching tourism practices and serve to build the capacity of the national partners in developing bird watching tourism so as to harness the great potential of bird watching tourism of HI-LIFE landscape.


The main objective of the training is to build the capacity of partners in developing bird-watching tourism and other conservation-friendly development activities. The event has the following specific objectives:

  • Share the results of Baihualing case study with the local policy makers, protected management departments and communities;
  • Share regional knowledge and experience sharing on bird watching tourism by the regional member countries;
  • Define and framing what best practices in bird watching tourism is in HI-LIFE landscape and document best practices in bird watching tourism in HI-LIFE landscape;
  • Identify action areas for uptake of sustainable and value added bird-watching tourism models in the transboundary landscapes or in protected areas/national parks of  the regional member countries;