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Regional Strategic Committee Meeting of the Upper Indus Basin Network


Hybrid | Abai meeting room, Inter Continental Almaty Hotel, Almaty Kazakhstan

Date & Time

01 November 2022

About the meeting

The Indus Basin Initiative – as the secretariat for the Upper Indus Basin Network (UIBN) – is organising the Regional Strategic Committee (RSC) meeting on 01 November 2022. In the last RSC meeting of the UIBN in February 2022, the members decided to convene the next RSC meeting in August/September 2022. As per the governance framework of the UIBN, the RSC meets biannually to discuss the country chapters progress, priorities, challenges, and opportunities and explore avenues of regional cooperation.

The RSC aims to align the strategic direction of the network with changing needs and priorities to make the network fit for purpose. The key purpose of the network is to promote science-based regional cooperation and collaboration among and between the riparian countries.



Sixth Upper Indus Basin Network Regional Strategic Committee meeting

1 November 2022 | Almaty, Kazakhstan

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The Hunza River in front of the Passu cones


  • Share experiences and progress of the UIBN country chapters
  • Identify avenues for regional collaboration related to science and policy interventions for the country chapters
  • Suggest measures to strengthen and sustain the UIBN to support the process of regional cooperation for sustainable management of the Upper Indus Basin (UIB)



The Upper Indus Basin shared by Afghanistan, China, India, and Pakistan is one of the most vulnerable areas to climate change impacts considering the large downstream dependence on the upstream for water resources.

The UIBN was established in 2014 and expanded in 2018 to all the riparian countries by key stakeholders from these countries. UIBN is a voluntary and neutral knowledge and research network which aims to foster coordination among the stakeholders in research related to climate, cryosphere, water, hazards and vulnerability, and adaptation. It plays an important role in bringing together representatives of relevant government and non-government organizations, academia and policy makers to promote a shared understanding of regional challenges and opportunities and joint solutions to deal with the effects of climate change on water resources, water-induced hazards, and upstream/downstream linkages.

More on the UIBN:


Tentative agenda

1 November 2022 | Timings in Alma-Ata Time (ALMT), UTC/GMT +6 hours

Time Programme Facilitator
08:45–09:00 Participants registration Ashmita Shakya, Programme Associate, River Basins and Cryosphere, ICIMOD
09:00–09:30 Opening session

Welcome remarks – Naim Eqrar, Chair, UIBN

Objectives of the meeting and overview of last RSC meeting decisions – Arun Shrestha, Regional Programme Manager, River Basins and Cryosphere, ICIMOD

Remarks – Izabella Koziell, Deputy Director General, ICIMOD


Ajaz Ali, Programme Officer, River Basins and Cryosphere, ICIMOD


09:30–10:45 Session 1: Country chapter’s experiences, progress, and plans

(10+5 min each)

  • UIBN Afghanistan Chapter – Naim Eqrar, Country Chapter Coordinator
  • UIBN China Chapter – Shiyin Liu, Institute of International Rivers and Eco-security, Yunnan University, China
  • UIBN India Chapter – A.P. Dimri, Country Chapter Coordinator
  • UIBN Pakistan Chapter – Hina Salim Lotia, Country Chapter Co-Coordinator
  • Gender Resource Group (GRG) Pakistan Chapter – Ammara Farooq Malik, GRG representative
Naim Eqrar, Chair, UIBN


10:45–11:05 Tea/coffee break
11:05–11:55 Country chapter wise group discussion: (25 mins)

  • Country chapters to identify three key areas where UIBN has core expertise, relevant institutional membership, and how it can support government in these areas (Policies/strategies, co-creating knowledge, common understanding for future planning and action)
  • Suggest two potential bilateral or multilateral collaborative interventions with other country chapters to promote regional cooperation.
  • Group discussion presentations (5 mins each)



11:55–12:30 Plenary discussion

  • Measures to further strengthen the country chapter and regional UIBN
  • Rotation of the UIBN Chairperson in 2023
  • Next RUAM and RSC agenda outline, dates, and venue
  • AOB
Naim Eqrar, Chair, UIBN


12:30–13:00 Closing session

Outcomes and action points of the meeting – Arun Shrestha, ICIMOD

Closing remarks – Naim Eqrar, Chair, UIBN

Closing remarks by country chapter Advisors

Vote of thanks – Ajaz Ali, ICIMOD

Ajaz Ali, ICIMOD


13:00–13:40 Lunch break
14:00 onwards Cryosphere conference