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Landscape Journey in Mu Lar-Nam Ru Watershed, Kachin, Myanmar: Facilitating Integrated Landscape Planning and Management




Putao, Kachin

Date & Time

24 February 2016 to 01 March 2016


The Landscape Journey in Hi-LIFE Myanmar will be held in one pilot site in the Putao District in Kachin State and will be jointly organised by Forest Department, Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry (MOECAF), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and ICIMOD. The event will be carried out within the auspices of the Landscape Initiative for Far-eastern Himalayan region as a part of national actions. The Landscape Journey is a process tool that is done across an identified site with interdisciplinary team. It requires meticulous planning in three phases: Pre-journey, Journey and post-journey phases.


  • To introduce the tool and its significance for integrated and holistic landscape planning, management and monitoring
  • To strengthen inter-sectoral collaborations, and partnership development among wide range of national partner, and
  • To promote landscape approach as a means to balance objectives of both conservation and development

Expected Output

Landscape Journey report highlighting shared sustainability vision and actions for the concerned pilot site

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