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Landscape Journey in Gongshan, Yunnan, China: Facilitating Integrated Landscape Planning and Management




Gongshan, Yunnan, China

Date & Time

17 April 2016 to 25 April 2016



The Landscape Journey in Hi-LIFE China will be held in the Gongshan County of Yunnan Province, China. It is a national partner led event jointly organized by ICIMOD and Kunming Institute of Botany. The event is organized within the auspices of the Landscape Initiative for Far-eastern Himalayas. The “Landscape Journey” is a process tool to facilitate integrated landscape planning and management, and is organized in three phases: Pre-journey phase, Journey phase, and post-journey phase. Doing the “Landscape Journey” with multidisciplinary team in China, we intend to build  a shared understanding of the landscape situation (the pilot area)  between multiple actors, develop a shared vision for sustainability and identify way-forward actions.


  • To promote landscape approach as a means to balance objectives of both conservation and development
  • To introduce the Landscape Journey Process tool and its significance in facilitating integrated planning, management and monitoring, and
  • To strengthen inter-sectoral collaborations, and partnership development among wide range of national partner, and

Expected Output

Landscape Journey report highlighting shared sustainability vision and actions for the concerned pilot site