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Fourth Indus Basin Knowledge Forum: Pathways to impactful research

The Indus Basin Knowledge Forum (IBKF) aims to strengthen connections among those working in policy making, research, and knowledge generation in the Indus basin (IB), which is a key resource shared by Afghanistan, China, India, and Pakistan. Approximately 215 million people living within the basin rely on its resources, while many in the adjacent regions rely on its critical ecosystem services. However, the basin is under increasing stress. Rapid population growth and economic development are exerting tremendous strain on the basin’s resources. An uncertain climatic future will further impact all current and future users of the unique Indus River system.


River Basins and Cryosphere, Indus Basin



Date & Time

23 August 2019 to 24 August 2019

In its fourth iteration, the IBKF will revisit and strengthen connections between iterations of the Forum. For instance, the second forum identified a 10-point action plan, and important country perspectives were also noted. A common theme among country perspectives was the need to increase knowledge sharing while addressing the systemic limitations to data sharing, policy linkages and science based research in the region.

The third forum focused on addressing these issues by identifying two broad objectives:
1) the need to make decision makers aware of research being conducted in the IB.
2) a need for trust among scientists, policy makers, and advisers, which could serve as an important meeting point for further collaboration among regional member countries of the IB.

Taking these learnings further, the fourth forum aims to underline the urgency for collaboration among members in the IB. It aims to do this through three pathways:
1) policy-driven impactful research.
2) engagement and inclusiveness.
3) packaging of research.

Specific objectives
  • Explore priority areas to continue collaboration among the IB RMCs
  • Strengthen the networking between RMCs through existing networks and by exploring new mechanisms
  • Explore the establishment of a journalists’ network that can link science to policy and communicate and promote research that is being conducted in the IB RMCs
  • Draw on expertise from policy experts in each of the RMCs to recognize policy needs at the country and basin level; this interaction will also come up with guiding principles for conducting of research
Expected participants

The fourth IBKF will involve stakeholders from academia, government representatives from the RMCs, and the donor community.

4th Indus Basin Knowledge Forum (IBKF)   Pathways to Impactful Research


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