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Field investigation of permafrost presence in Limi Valley, Humla, Nepal


Humla, Nepal

Date & Time

26 September 2021 to 05 October 2021


Miriam Jackson, Prashant Baral & Janita Gurung

About the fieldwork

Due to climate change, the Hindu Kush Himalaya region is expecting widespread permafrost thaw in the coming decades, which will have severe socio-economic and ecological consequences for communities living in the region. The Cryosphere Initiative and the Kailash Sacred Landscape Initiative are jointly conducting an investigation of permafrost presence in Humla Valley, Nepal. The investigation will focus on the relationship between cryosphere and the society, particularly in the context of hazards related to permafrost.

During the fieldwork, our team will be conducting the following activities:

  • Establish ground temperature monitoring sites to measure presence of permafrost and changes in temperature.
  • Interact with local community to learn about the impacts of changing cryosphere, especially thawing permafrost, and changes in snow cover.